Seeking Rebels With a Cause

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 Photo: Unsplash @jontyson

Photo: Unsplash @jontyson

We’re on the cusp of an exciting revolution in social entrepreneurship. Here in Silicon Valley and around the world, the creative process is being reshaped and reformed into methods that produce innovation at 10x the speed and resource efficiency as “business as usual.”

Time to Disrupt “Business as Usual”

Entrepreneurs and innovators in Silicon Valley have been using these lean & agile processes to make products and services targeted to a small percent of people, addressing questionable problems.

Meanwhile, we see innovators in the social entrepreneurship space just starting to learn about agile methods and rapid prototyping, struggling to unlearn the slow bureaucratic processes of the nonprofit and foundation world.

It’s time to apply modern, lean creative practices to social innovation and make huge leaps in creating solutions to the big gnarly challenges mankind faces today.

We’re not your Typical Creative Studio

The Determined is a result of combining my 10 years of my background as a UX designer and product manager in fast-moving tech startups,with Marc’s 10 years of experience designing and facilitating innovation workshops in the social impact space.

We’ve spent the last year and a half combining forces into a creative studio that helps people come up with and launch new approaches that tackle climate change.

We’ve jammed on projects with World Wildlife Fund, Buckminster Fuller Institute, Quantified Planet, Scripps College, 11th Hour Project, Rethink, Pando Populus, as well as others who are solving the big, gnarly challenges humans are facing today.

Jam With Us

When teams work with us, we guide them through our methods and tools in Design Thinking, Thinking Wrong, and the rapid prototyping and testing process of Prototype Thinking, to quickly dream up, validate, and iterate on innovative projects, campaigns, and brands.

We’re fast. We get six months of work done in two days by co-creating with our clients in fast-paced creative discovery sessions before each project. This eliminates the typical back-and-forth and clears the way for speedy execution.

We also put together dream teams (designers, programmers, writers, storytellers, etc) based on the project’s goals and desired deliverables. This allows us to be agile, flexible, modular, and able to pivot easily.

Now Seeking Rebels With a Cause

We had a great 2017 and we’re looking to do even more next year. We’re booking work for Q1 now.

We jam with;
+ Accelerators
+ Incubators
+ Impact Investment Firms
+ Corporate innovation teams
+ Startups
+ Foundations
+ Non-profits
+ Schools

We’re especially interested in working with mission-aligned teams. Are you working on any of these goals?
+ Landscape regeneration
+ Preservation of wildlife & nature
+ New energy infrastructure & technologies
+ Food & agriculture systems
+ New business & economic models
+ Creating a 21st century education system

Or do you know anyone asking themselves these questions?

+ How do I teach innovation and creative strategy to teams within an accelerator/incubator or enterprise company?

+ How do I brainstorm a unique, stand out name & brand for a new product or service my company is creating?

+ Is it time to take my company’s brand to a more polished and professional level to reflect the work we’re doing now and the type of supporters we’re hoping to attract?

+ How can I create clear, concise messaging that inspires people to take action supporting my work?

+ I have this great idea for a product or service that will change the world, but how can I prove it works?

Help us get the word out about the work that we do.

Let’s take these new processes and approaches and apply them to the work that is needed in order for us to live a healthy, resourceful life that benefits all species.

Get in touch and let us know your budget and timeline. Let’s see what we can create together!

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