Moon meditations and simulated realities, the usual

Tomorrow night I'm hosting another free 30-minute meditation session via zoom.

Time: Jan 28, 2018 6:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Here's what one of the participants said about the last session:

"I never knew meditation could be like that, so I learned quite a bit! It’s energizing and uplifting! We were all buzzed after the first few minutes!

Sarah did a great job with the instructions and explaining the scientific associations behind some of the spiritual aspects of the traditional practices to help modernize the experience and bring it down to Earth, which gives this class a unique twist.

The illustrations are cute, well done, and easy to understand. I also really enjoyed the app setup, imagining the energy of the group, and Sarah’s soothing voice.

I am brand new to meditation and have so much to learn, so I’m looking forward to more gatherings of this kind in the future :) "

(Yes, that's right, I include illustrations with my meditation! I told you, I do things my way.)


We have a full moon coming up on January 31. If you recall, we had one already on January 1, so this makes this one a blue moon (the term for when there's two full moons in a month! Only happens once in a blue moon…) 2018 must be our lucky year, heh, cuz we get another blue moon in March. Woot!

Also, the moon is currently in the closest part of its orbit to us, so that makes it a supermoon!

Aaaaaaand the moon and the sun are going to be lining up just perfectly in a lunar eclipse with Earth in the middle, a big cosmic hug, really, such that Earth's shadow will be cast on the moon giving it a reddish glow, what they call a Blood moon.

So in preparation for Wednesday's Super Blue Blood Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Leo we're going to do two Kundalini yoga meditations:

1. Full Moon Meditation — This is a super simple meditation where we'll mentally chant a mantra (Sa Ta Na Ma, which means infinity, life, death, rebirth, you know, just the cosmic cycle of everything.) Practicing this meditation is said to harmonize you with the Universe, thereby creating room for a happy, healthy life.

2. Balancing Solar and Lunar Energies — this is a singing meditation, we'll sing "Ra Ma" repetitively (Ra for Sun, Ma for Moon). They say chanting in a group will bring you to the same frequency of communication with each other, and will expand your intuition to understand one another. Let's see if it works in a virtual group!

I am not that full of deep thoughts today, as I've been sick all week, but I was recently a guest on my dear friend Jon's Podcast, Idea Factory Giveaway, where we laughed quite a lot and also had some deep thoughts about dreams, parallel universes, and Great Pumpkin-ness.

I just watched the first episode of Black Mirror's latest season (Callister) and I found it to be horrifying and delightful, all at the same time. Mostly horrifying but you know I love me some good simulation reality brain fodder. Good lord. It's just… wow.

Today I finally redid my website to make it easier for me to share various things I'm writing and creating all in one place. Sick days are good for something!

My roommate is a veterinarian and told me there's apparently a horrible dog flu outbreak going on right now in California. What the hell? Dogs can get a flu, and there's an outbreak going on at the same time as people flu season? That's just too weird.

I really really hope I don't have a cough attack during tomorrow night's meditation session.

Hope you can join!

💖🦄 Sarah

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