I am no longer Pathless

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I quit my job in the middle of 2015 without a plan.

I had health issues no doctors could fully explain, but I knew I couldn’t keep acting like nothing was wrong. So I stopped.

I started looking for answers. I discovered an unending and exhausting abyss of questions.

I took up kundalini yoga meditation, and was offered what seemed like an answer — I’m a teacher.

But then a question — what do I teach?

Do I teach kundalini yoga meditation? I went down that path and got my teaching certificate.

More questions. How do you pay rent in a city like San Francisco as a brand new yoga teacher?

So I started teaching software design. And that was okay for a while, but I wasn’t satisfied.

What’s all this for? To teach people to get jobs at stupid startups creating more crap we don’t need and software that sucks up people’s time and energy?

So through random chance I started teaching entrepreneurs rapid prototyping. Entrepreneurs working on solving humanity’s biggest problems.

And that was really interesting… because when I worked with entrepreneurs to help them test their ideas, sometimes we ran up against things like egos, fear, and procrastination.

And eventually, after quite a lot of exploration, I realized that some of the tools I’ve discovered in meditation are also part of the toolkit for working with entrepreneurs.

That when we try to create our work of genius and put it out into the world, the biggest obstacles we encounter are inside of us.

And right there in that achy spot, between that brilliant idea and actually getting it out there — that’s right where I want to curl up and get cozy.

I am no longer wandering, Pathless.

I’m setting up shop right in the intersection of Go Big or Go Home.

There is where you’ll find me, waving my banner. Right now, it says:

Be Radically Creative.

I’ll encourage you to Go Big, but start small. I’ll be there for you when you can’t see how to move forward. I’ll hold space when you’re paralyzed with terror at the audacious next step you’re longing to take.

We'll discuss some deep and sometimes scary stuff, all at the service of learning what helps us be successful as creative beings.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you might not be along for the ride on this new path, and that’s okay.

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If you're willing to open your mind and take a leap into the unknown, you're in the right place.

If you want to wake up and stop sleepwalking through life, let's do this.

If you want to be fully in control of the reality you create for yourself, I'm right here with you.

Each week, I'll continue sending heartfelt letters to you about being a creative person and all that entails, the good and the bad. I'll share with you what I've learned, and I hope you'll continue to reply and share with me your journey as well.

So as we go into 2018, if you’re still with me, I would love to ask:

What is it you want to create?

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More soon,


Inner WorkSarah Harrison