What is radical clarity?

Getting a creative vision out into the world is the ultimate act of rebellion. To get there, you need radical clarity.

We live in a society that wants us to conform, work for the machine, go home unfulfilled, buy products to try to make us feel better, numb out, sleep, repeat.

But creative people do things differently, despite all the tricks and blocks society puts in our way to stop us.

Being creative is more than just art or writing or music. It’s problem solving, and we have plenty of problems to solve.

But being creative when all of society wants you to just fit in is tough. Invisible obstacles can keep you spinning your wheels (or not even starting) for months, years, lifetimes.

Radical clarity is a deep inner knowing that spots those invisible blocks and shows you the way around. It takes immense courage and a lot of self care.

What if being creative and putting our unique gifts out into the world is exactly the medicine we all need to fix what is broken about our culture?


Do you have a project bursting to get out?

We all have one. It may be there, in the back of your mind — I bet as soon as you read that question, you thought of it, and you quickly brushed it aside. That one.

The one you say you’ll get to, when you can find the time. Or maybe you’re still trying to decide if it’s a good idea. Or you’re waiting for the idea to become clearer.

Or maybe you’re actively pursuing it, if you could just get funding, or find the right people to help you. You keep at it, for weeks, for months, but never seem to make any progress…

If you’ve got a project bursting to get out, I want to ask you…

What’s stopping you?


I’m Sarah Harrison

I’m a co-founder of The Determined, a creative strategy collective. We work with entrepreneurs, innovators, and teams creating audacious solutions to humanity’s gnarliest challenges — those helping all of humanity rise and thrive.

I help people bring their bold ideas to life without burning out, by offering practical strategy while also holding space for the anxieties, procrastination, and internal roadblocks that arise whenever we’re creating something new in the world.

My skills include UX Design for web and mobile software — which means I do UI design, from the prototyping and wireframes stage all the way through to handing off polished visual designs to a development team.

I also teach entrepreneurs to do rapid prototyping and user testing. I don't do user research for my clients, I believe entrepreneurs must do their own research, so I coach them on the techniques I've learned to do this most effectively.

And I'm a certified kundalini yoga and meditation instructor. I have a toolbox of techniques to go within and find the blocks we all have that keep us from putting our work out into the world.

I understand that creativity is a non-linear process that takes experimentation and courage, and I have the tools to help you get through all the twists and turns.

I believe we can all be badass powerhouses of creativity, and in fact we owe it to ourselves and to every living creature on this planet to persevere. That’s why I’m doing everything I can to make that true for myself and to share how I’m doing it so others can do the same.