Are you building a team at an early-stage tech startup? Or do you have a team you feel is underperforming?



  • Bring clarity and focus to your team.
  • Discover your team's strengths, communication styles, and working styles so you can work smoothly together while respecting individual creative differences.
  • Instill lean, streamlined processes that help teams work more productively, happily, and healthily.
  • Collaboratively plan and prioritize product roadmaps, break down big projects into actionable tasks, and define an MVP.


Choose from one of these ready-made packages, or work with me to create a custom package for your business.


I'll facilitate a brainstorm and discovery workshop or design sprint to help unify your team towards a common vision and actionable roadmap.



Design your team's collaborative processes for awesome innovation and productivity, and create a great company culture that attracts and retains top talent.

FactoryX Academy

I'm one of the Academy trainers at FactoryX. Join the next 4-day workshop to learn Prototype Thinking and empower your team to create a product your customers will love.

Book a consultation with me to determine which package is right for you.

Sarah is a master of process: she brings order to the craziness that is startup life, keeps the team organized and moving forward, all the while protecting her team from burn out. Sarah identifies the ambiguities and asks the difficult questions in order to get everyone focused on the goal or task at hand.

What I love about Sarah personally is her honesty and transparency. Conversations with her are free of any ‘corporate bullshit’ or ‘buzzwords’ currently rampant in the tech world.

If you’re looking for a no-drama leader to help you or your company focus on achieving your goals in a sustainable way, Sarah is your person!
— Do-Hee Kim, True&Co.