Business coaching for people building a product or service.

Building a product is full of pressure, second-guessing, and uncertainty. You need to take action, but you're totally stressing out over the best way to go or the right decision to make. Everyone knows the stories of the companies who made the wrong choices, spent months building the wrong thing, or built products nobody wanted and fell flat on their face.

Everyone is saying "hustle!" and "take action!" but it's not always super clear where all that hustling is leading us. Blindly hustling isn't necessarily moving forward. We have limits on our time, money, and energy. We need to make smart decisions about where we spend those resources.

What if you knew exactly what to do to turn your vision into a reality?

My expertise is helping teams realize the simple and effective methods available to them for innovation and delighting their customers.

My mission is to help creative people do work they love, find their flow, and overcome the status quo so they can build impactful businesses that change the world.

Good news: It is possible to apply strategy to your hustle, making smart decisions that will lead your business to success.

I can help you zero in on your next action, whether you're working with a team or if your product is still just an idea in your head.


Here are a couple of ways we can work together:

Sparkler Sessions:

These are quick 30–50 minute sessions where you can check in with me, get a critique on something you're working on, brainstorm a current issue you're struggling with, or just get a sanity check on what you're planning or doing next in your business.

You get a spark of energy and insight. Peace of mind, knowing you're taking right action, feeling sure you're not going to waste your precious time or money working on the wrong thing.

The investment for one of these sessions is $225 and you can book here.

package of 4 sparkler Sessions:

Many people find the Sparkler Sessions so valuable, they know they'll want to lock in a few. This is also great for folks who have been through one of my formal training programs and want to continue checking in with me regularly to keep up their momentum.

I offer a discount for package subscribers who want to invest upfront in working with me on a regular basis.

Once you purchase, you'll receive a code to redeem on individual sessions. The investment for this package is $800 and you can purchase here.


Each session will be focused on figuring out exactly what you need to do next to create a successful business. I will light that spark and get you moving toward your goals.


“I can sit by myself or with my team for 3 hours and brainstorm, maybe coming up with 1 or 2 ideas. But after talking with you for 15 minutes, a wellspring of ideas starts to flow.”

— Karuna Mehra, one of my Academy Prototype Thinking students.


People I love to help are people who:

  • are looking to change their organization from the inside and bring in more creativity, innovation, and experimentation
  • want to lead their team to use design thinking and rapid experimentation so they can elegantly navigate risks and uncertainty
  • want to build a successful business that improves people’s lives or solves an important problem
  • want to build and lead a happily productive team to help you realize your vision
  • want to develop strategic design thinking skills and turn creative ideas into action

So if you’re done with just thinking about your world-changing idea, and want to start making it a reality, then I invite you to book one of the Sparkler Sessions now.