I’m Sarah Harrison, a UX designer, mentor, and lean process coach in San Francisco.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a mentor to grow your UX design skills, or to build a sustainable creative process with your team. I can empower you to design and build products customers love while maintaining a happy, healthy workflow that you can keep doing without burning out. 

That last bit is super important to me. I believe we can only solve the world's important problems if we are 100% healthy and on our game. 

That's me in the tutu. That's my dog, Louie. We like camping.

That's me in the tutu. That's my dog, Louie. We like camping.

You clicked in here to get to know me a little bit better, and I know you wouldn’t have gotten this far if you were like 95% of people on this planet. You get what I’m saying about creativity and empowerment and you want to hear more. I think we’ll get along!



What I wanted to be when I grow up: An artist. Or a dancer. In a way, I got to be both. As soon as I heard of the internet, I knew I wanted to help build it. I didn’t know design was a thing when I started college, so I almost became a Psychologist. Luckily I course corrected and went on to get a BFA in graphic design & interface design. My thesis was on empowering individuals to self-publish and build community online.


What I now want to be when I grow up: A nomadic farmer. My dream is to build an off-grid self-sustaining farm, growing my own organic food and raising chickens and goats. I also want to live the mobile lifestyle and travel. I’m not sure if these can happen at the same time. I left my first design job, helping an organic farmer build a brand, for big city life and a career in technology. Funny how things come full-circle.


Hidden talents: Dance. Choreography. Improvisation. Showmanship. My first teaching gig was teaching ballroom and swing dance to college students. Later, I joined a performing lindy hop troupe in Seattle. I’ve been flipped and thrown over my partner’s head and can land on my feet with a smile. I can dance the Charleston in high heels. 


Secret superpower: I have a magic voodoo mind trick to heal headaches and back pain. Actually it’s not a trick, it’s a very simple meditation. I’ve learned to combat adrenal fatigue, anxiety, burnout, and chronic pain with yoga and meditation, despite my inner skeptic’s stubborn complaints. I'm working on becoming a certified yoga instructor so I can show others how to do this too.


What the world needs now: Empathy. Compassion. Flexibility. The problems humanity is facing now are largely born out of an old way of thinking that revolved around self-protection and fear. We created unsustainable systems and now we’re seeing their byproducts pile up in huge economic imbalances, inequality, excess waste, pollution, health issues. These are big society-level problems that will take a collaborative effort to solve. We can’t do that if we’re still only looking out for ourselves.


It's almost as if companies believe just writing the words on the wall will make them a reality.

It's almost as if companies believe just writing the words on the wall will make them a reality.