I'm Sarah Harrison, a UX designer, mentor, and lean process coach in San Francisco. I'm passionate about empowering creative team members, creating a sustainable work culture, and working together to solve problems that matter.

I mentor teams and individuals to grow creative skills and confidence in their abilities as a user-centered product designer.

I work with designers, product managers, founders, and even a few VCs who want to learn UX design to enhance their business, navigate a career change, or grow as leaders in their fields. Learn more →


How I can help

Creative product Coaching

I'll work with you & your team to develop creative processes that empower the hell out of you & maximize your creative potential.

UX design

I'll help your team brainstorm, design, iterate, prototype, and test innovative solutions to specific problems your business faces.

UX Design

I'll work with you 1:1 to develop & improve the skills you need to navigate a career transition or build confidence in your abilities as a UX designer.


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Sarah is a rare individual in the world of user experience. She combines an excellent visual design sense with broad understanding of modern interaction patterns. This is balanced by a pragmatic approach to working with engineering and business constraints to deliver the best possible outcome in real world scenarios. She consistently provides clear direction to team members and is excellent at providing background ‘current state’ and competitive research to support her decisions. A true pleasure to work with.
— Robin Sherwood, Daptiv

Recent articles I've written:

How to Smack Down Political Bullshit in Prioritization Meetings

Instead of prioritizing by politics, with each team member lobbying for his or her own views and trying to argue, sometimes emotionally, for what he or she thinks is right, use a simple tool that will allow you and your team to think about your tasks from two simple lenses: How much effort will this take to complete, and how much impact will it make on your company? It takes away some of the subjective elements and helps get everyone into a similar frame of mind, so everyone can come together and make decisions peacefully.

The Meeting Trick Everyone at Work Will Want to Copy

There are many great tips for making meetings more productive (or eliminating them altogether.) One of these productivity enhancing tips includes making sure the meeting has an owner and an agenda. I’d like to share with you a simple tool to work that agenda.

This is your life.

Stick to what’s familiar. Life is about doing the same thing all the time so you can have a predictable income and schedule and not have to worry or fear the unknown. Just keep going until you get old and die, and nobody will have any complaints about you.

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