I’m Sarah Harrison, a design strategist and facilitator in San Francisco. I’m a productivity expert with intense startup experience, as well as a kundalini yoga & meditation instructor.

I help creative people and entrepreneurs take their ideas out of their head and into reality.

I’m passionate about creating sustainable, lean, and collaborative work processes so we can all show up and do the important work the world needs done.

How I help


I help innovative teams rapidly prototype & test world-changing ideas with The Determined.


I build curriculum and train future product designers with Whitespace.


I support creative geniuses and entrepreneurs through personal growth and productivity at Pathless.



Making social innovation a little bit punk rock — The Determined is bringing innovative design strategy techniques to the non-profit space, b-corps, and other organizations doing good in the world. We facilitate hands-on workshops and fight the good fight right alongside with you, mosh pit style :)

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I'm creating a community to talk about those big confusing fluffy woo woo topics — like facing fear, grappling with your spiritual beliefs, and walking your own path — in a totally down to earth, straightforward way. If that appeals to you, join and help build this thing with me!

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