Helping Startups Prevent Expensive UX Problems

Do you have a tough user experience problem with your existing product? Looking to increase conversion, retention, or shares? Need help designing a complex new feature? 


I can help in the following ways and more:

Strategy Call

Should you do a minor re-skin of your UI, invest in a large redesign, or launch the product “as-is” and wait for customer feedback? In this 2 hour call, we'll go through your history, walk through your screens, and come up with a solid action plan to move forward.


Lean UX & UI design for web & mobile

Design Sprint Facilitation, user flows, wireframes, prototypes, mockups, user testing and implementation strategy

UX Audit

I’ll take a fresh, professional look at your web or mobile app, analyze and pinpoint any critical design flaws, and put together an actionable plan for improving your UI/UX. This is the fastest way to get a detailed, actionable review of your product's user experience.


Branding & Brand Management

I'll help you solidify your brand vision and communicate your story across your digital presence and social media.

Conversion analysis

I'll help you analyze your metrics and customer feedback to diagnose and solve tough conversion issues. Improve your customer acquisition funnel, viral marketing, or checkout funnel to maximize your business growth.


Pitch Deck Design & Content strategy

I'll help you simplify and organize your content so it can be easily digested and understood by your users for maximum impact, whether you're creating a presentation, pitch deck, or content marketing.


Schedule a consultation to get the ball rolling on us working together!

Sarah is a rare individual in the world of user experience. She combines an excellent visual design sense with broad understanding of modern interaction patterns. This is balanced by a pragmatic approach to working with engineering and business constraints to deliver the best possible outcome in real world scenarios. She consistently provides clear direction to team members and is excellent at providing background ‘current state’ and competitive research to support her decisions. A true pleasure to work with.
— Robin Sherwood, Daptiv