I mentor individuals who want to gain the skills and confidence to enhance their career and build their personal brand as product leaders.

As a former UX designer, I specialize in mentoring designers, as well as teaching user-centered design skills to other members of the team so founders, PMs, marketing managers, engineers, and other creative team members can be more involved in creating great product experiences.

Get in touch if you are looking for a mentor who will:

  • Be your accountability partner, to keep you on task and moving towards your goals, while making sure you prioritize your personal fulfillment and happiness every step of the way.
  • Challenge you to think creatively and step out of your comfort zone and into greater leadership roles.
  • Help you find the best way to present and solve business problems or navigate internal workflow challenges.
  • Provide resources customized to your individual growth and development.



Individuals I mentor include:

  • Designers and design students who want to build their skills and grow their confidence in UX design to increase the opportunities available to them
  • Customer experience professionals who want to transition into design to be more directly involved in solving important user problems
  • Product managers, founders, marketing managers, and other professionals who want to learn user-centered design skills to enhance their capabilities in their existing roles
  • Investors / VCs who want to bring product skills to the services they offer the companies they advise

Available packages

The Art of Great Product Design

This is a 3-month personalized 1:1 coaching program for those who want specific, individual training on skills related to product design & UX.

The Psychology of UX

I'm currently taking pilot students for a new course I'm building for non-designers as well as designers to learn the principles of persuasion, habit-forming, and more psychological UX fundamentals.

Burnout Recovery

Occupational burnout happens, especially in the tech industry. I'll talk you through my own recovery story, and help you devise and stick to your own plan for recovery. 

Career Transition

If you're thinking about moving on, I'll be there for you as a guiding post to manage your transition, figure out what's next, and how to know when it's the right time to jump ship.

Schedule a free consultation with me to find out which package is right for you.